Ayurvedic Education
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Fundamentals of Hatha Yoga
(Dates and times to follow soon)
course length: 8 weeks

This eight-week course will explore some
fundamentals of Hatha Yoga including:

• History - Brief Introduction to yoga's history and various     
schools of thought
• Yoga Asana - Basic standing, seated and inverted postures
will be taught with a focus on proper alignment while also
customizing poses for every body
• Pranayama - Exploring some basics of yogic breathing and 
its benefits
• Yoga Philosophy - Introduction to the energy body (chakras
and bandhas), drishti (gazing point) and the eight limbs of
the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Introduction to Therapeutic Yoga
(Dates and times to follow soon)
course length: 8 weeks

This eight-week course will serve as an introduction to cultivating
well being through the therapeutic benefits of yoga practice:

• Yoga for stress relief – Postures and breath - work    
to ease anxiety, fatigue and headaches
• Care for backs, hips shoulders - Target problem areas
and learn innovative sequences that can be done
at home to create openness and ease in the body
• Creating peace and wellness in the mind – Learn simple
meditation techniques that promote internal equanimity
and foster presence awareness

Hot Stones … $10
Grounding thermotherapy to enhance your
relaxation or deep tissue experience.

Hot Towel Foot Treatment ... $20
15 minute treatment. Stimulating marma points.
Essential oils. Hot towel wrap.

Private Steam… 30m…$20
Relax & facilitate the detox process
with Herbal Body Scrub...add $10
Traditional Ayurvedic recipe exfoliates & cleanses the skin

Custom Blend of Essential Oils…
complimentary with treatment...upon request

Ayurvedic blending style. Sensory perception reflects the current state
of dosha imbalances.

Yoga Consultation… $30 per student
30 minute consultation to customize individual yoga program.

30. 60. 90. minutes … $50. $90. $120.

Classic Massage
Zone in on tension with a customized approach.
Relaxation. Therapeutic. Deep tissue massage

Rebalancing Therapy
Deep tissue bodywork & joint release developed
to harmonize body and mind.

Traditional Thai Massage
Classic Thai massage. Acupressure points
& facilitated stretching.

Abhyanga Massage
Ayurvedic detoxifying massage.
Customized oils and techniques.

Yoga Therapy
Focus. Style. Level. Theory. Schedule.
Individual adaptations by consultation. Customized
therapeutic approach to address chronic and acute issues.

* Share your session with a friend....
$35 per additional person

Good Karma Package
6x - 60/ 90 minute Therapies… $450 / $600
Extend Benefit Dollars. Invest in five or more therapies at exclusive pricing. Pre schedule & Pre pay for Versatility and Convenience throughout the year.

*All Therapies are interchangeable with
Good Karma Packages.

Sadhana Yoga Package
5x- 60 / 90 minute Private Yoga Therapy
(incl. 30m consult) … $350 / $500

Sadhana translates in Sanskrit as devoted practice.
Individual or couples therapy sessions. Study the fundamental techniques and theory for proper practice of yoga poses, breath work & how to vary your practice based on shifts in your body, energy and mood.

*Share your sessions with a friend....
add $35 per session/ additional person.

Indian Head Massage - 45 minutes…$65
Adapted from the traditional Ayurvedic practice.
Induces a level of deep sensory calm
Aromatic hair oils. Indulgent scalp & foot treatment.
Hot towel wraps.

Ayurvedic Facial-90m…$125
Customized for the Vata, Pitta & Kapha face
this spa therapy is a unique healing experience
in the world of spa culture.

The face is the tell all of what is happening in our
lives from an emotional and physical perspective
Nourishing not only the skin this ritual is a full body
indulgence focused on the face, abdomen and feet to
ignite the digestive fires that essentially feed the
face and ground the entire body.

Rasayana Ritual - 2 hrs…$200
Traditional Ayurvedic Ritual. Full body Abhyanga massage.
Indian head massage. Facial. Hand & foot treatment.
Based on individual consultation.

Stone Therapy 90 minutes...$135
Thermo therapy massage. Symbolizing Yin & Yang.
Hot basalt & cool marble stones are utilized to
synergistically create alternatively sedative &
re energizing responses in the body.

~ All Therapists are registered and certified ~

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